Compulsory Gymnastics Team Coaches

USAG Compulsory levels are based on a progression of skills. Here at A.A.G.A our coaches take pride in coaching each gymnast these progressions with in our lesson plans. Each child moves through the levels based on these progressions and the USAG mobility scores. A.A.G.A Competitive Team has had many success within our Junior Olympic Program (JO) with multiple State Champions through out the years.

We offer competitive levels from Mini Team (Pre-Team) and up.

Our dedicated competitive gymnasts work out from 6 to 12 hours per week and compete in 5-8 competitions per season.

We’re looking for Compulsory Gymnastics Team Coaches who can help us guide our team members through the levels providing the technical, physical and mental support to be successful.

Learn more about All Around Gymnastic Academy, our benefits, coaching requirements and submit your application at our Gymnastics Jobs page or browse our other positions.

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