Grade School Gymnastics

Grade School Gymnastics placement will be based on both physical and emotional readiness. As kids yearn to advance their gymnastics skills and become more serious about becoming gymnasts they will progress to a more demanding class. Each progressive class will increase in length, difficulty, and option to come more often. Printable Handout

Emerald Girls/ Extreme Boys

1 Hour Class

This entry level class is designed for new students of all ages who are looking to learn the basics of gymnastics in an exciting, safe and structured environment. Students will begin to build a foundation for this sport through learning basic body positions, rolling, cartwheeling and practicing handstands. Girls and boys will learn fundamental skill progressions on all competitive events while also receiving instruction on Trampoline and TumbleTrak. In addition to skill work, this class also encourages new students to set personal goals, conquer fears, build trust and form new friendships. This class meets once a week and is perfect for any students looking to get their feet wet, have fun and learn something new.


Ruby / Iron

1.5 Hour Class

This intermediate class is designed for students who consistently demonstrate an understanding of gymnastic basics and express interest in a more in-depth training. Many students in this class have previously participated in our beginner classes. In addition to reviewing basic skills and concepts, students in this class will be introduced to more demanding progressions on all competitive events, strength and flexibility training and dance. Students of this class level will be encouraged to perform skills at a slightly higher level and proficiency while still keeping things fun. This class meets once a week.



2 Hour Class

This intermediate/advanced class is geared towards students, many of which have participated in the previous two levels, who have shown proficiency in this sport and are interested in learning more difficult skill progressions. This class focuses on a complete understating of basic skills and is designed for students who have committed to making gymnastics a pre-dominant activity in their lives.   Many participants in this class express interest in pursuing the competitive side of this sport and this class will give them the necessary tools to make this goal a reality. This class meets once a week.



2.5 Hour Class

This advanced class is designed for students who wish to continue their skill development in a recreational forum and who may have elected not to participate in the competitive team programs. In this class, the students will learn more advanced skill progressions on all competitive events focusing on their individual goals and at their own pace. This class allows students who participate in various extracurricular activities to continue to have fun and learn more advanced gymnastics without the commitment required to be competitive. This class meets once a week and is invite only.

 With the help of the coach, your child will have a lot of fun and a successful year!
Thank you for helping! A.A.G.A Staff 

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