Preschool Gymnastics

Come and connect with your child in a new and special way during our preschool gymnastics program. With the help of you and the coach, your child will have a lot of fun and a successful year!

Parent & Child Classes

A parent or caregiver participates in the class with their child.

parent-chilldLittle Explorers

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Beginners 45 minutes
Under 2 years old
Less Structured
Obstacle course
Must know how to walk

Learning to tumble, get safely around obstacle courses, and work in group with other kids. 45 minutes filled with lot of physical education and fun.


sophia1Me and My Shadow

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Beginners 45 minutes
2 – 3.5 years old
Obstacle course

Learning the basic techniques of gymnastics (forward roll, backward roll, and cartwheel), hang and swing on bars or walk over the balance beam by them-self, this class includes lots of physical education and fun.

What is your role?
Help your child to stay focused on the course at hand and enjoy the class to its full potential.Come and connect with your child in a new and special way.

Tumble & Advanced Tots

These classes will have your child head over heels with delight.

pttboybeamTumble Tots

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Beginners 45 minutes
3 – 5 years old
More structured
Obstacle course

Children will develop the basic skills of gymnastics with an emphasis on the forward and backward rolls as well as cartwheels. The children will learn how to safely use all of the gym’s equipment (bars, beams, trampoline, tumble track, rings and floor equipment), building up self-confidence and make new friends.

pttgilrjumpAdvanced Tumble Tots

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Advanced 1 hour
3-5 years old (Invite Only)
Very structured!
Obstacle course + Drill stations

Children will be introduced to new structure of class called “drill stations” which will get them ready for the next levels of gymnastics. Children will work on handstands, pullovers, back hip circles, walk on high balance beam and more…

Note: Child needs to be ready physically and psychologically. Child needs to be able to walk in and participate in class without a parents help. Child needs to stay in class. Constant running in and out of class won’t be allowed for the safety of the child and distraction of the rest of the class.

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